Royal Tech is a company specialized in high-quality sports equipment’s selling as it owns the agencies of the largest international brands of sports equipment manufacturing in the world such as Precor, Octane and Schwinn.. etc.

Royal Tech has a recognized history of achievements in the sports field.
In the previous number of years, Royal Tech managed to equip the largest fitness centers in Egypt like Gold’s Gym, UFC Gym, Balance and others in addition to the gyms of the largest hotels such as the Four Seasons.

Royal Tech started with commercial sports equipment, then it added sports equipment for home use to enable everyone to exercise at home, so it became the sole agent for Ziva brand known for its quality of sports equipment for home use.


Our mission

Provide sports centers with the latest sports equipment and the latest technological solutions, that’s besides our after selling service anytime.
Satisfy all our customers with the high level of our services, especially the after-sales service.


Our vision

We aim to make Royal Tech first global platform specialized in providing the latest sports equipment in the Arab countries before it begins to be offered in the global market.

Our team

We are Lucky to have a group of experts specialized in the maintenance and sale of sports equipment within our team.


Tarek Amer

A business man with 20+ years , he was the head of the commercial sector in a petroleum services company during his service he was able to enter the aviation sector to the company however , his successes continued till he become the chairmen of the board at Sun Air and afterward he founded his own company which he is Presiding over the board of directors Concord Air and his success continued by founding Concord Royal Travel a leading company in the the field of domestic and foreign tourism

Mr. Tarek Amer is responsible for leading the Board and focusing it on strategic matters, overseeing the Group’s business and setting high governance standards.
He plays a pivotal role in fostering the effectiveness of the Board and individual Directors, both inside and outside the board room.
he also ensures that the Board receives accurate, timely and clear information.

Ahmed Amer
Vice Chairmen

Global executive with 10+ years leading businesses and guiding business leaders across a broad range of industries. he was the vice chairmen at Concord Air and his success continued by being the vice chairmen at Concord Royal Travel a leading company in the the field of domestic and foreign tourism , he has a solid record of positioning businesses and leadership teams for long term profitable growth that generates shareholder value.

Eng. Ahmed Amer Now focused on leveraging his experience with sports companies, As Vice Chairman in companies serving the sports sector such as Royal Tech, which provides the latest sports equipment to the largest gyms.

In addition to UFC Gym Egypt, The biggest franchise Gym in World, Eng. Ahmed Amer drew an expansion plan for it, to be the most important platform for fitness in Egypt by opening 11 branches around Egypt.

Within a short period of time, he managed to build a strong bridge in the sports sector, in cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports through UFC Gym Egypt, to take The Club management – One of the most important projects of the ministry- on the new developer track, which He manages as vice chairman.

Doaa Gamal
Marketing manager

Marketing manager with 10 years previous experience as a content creator she entered the field of marketing through a google internship which let her possess the fundamental skill set that makes it possible to apply the knowledge she has acquired to a wide range of real-world corporate situations , through her strong management skills since she was routinely tasked with directing an organization’s operations to encourage corporate growth. This skill goes hand-in-hand with keen leadership abilities, she was able to facilitate this growth at layalina magazine through the coordination of people, resources, and policies.
for the last 5 years she was exposed to the digital and offline marketing through partnerships and sponsorships program this gained her skills such as : Deliver new content,  Engage new audiences, Enhance customer experience, and Broaden sales avenues

Miss. Doaa Gamal Now focuses on the practical application of marketing orientation, techniques and methods inside UFC gym Egypt , Seven eleven gym , Royal Spa , Royal academy , Concord air , Concord Royal Travel and Royal Tech, which provides the latest sports equipment to the largest gyms.

Yasmine Mohamed
Logistics & Operation Manager

A Logistics & Operation Manager who worked for 12 Years in the fitness industry, she is Managing overall operations and responsible for the effective and successful management of labor, productivity, quality control and Serve as a company representative on regulatory issues.
also responsible for the overall supply chain management. Logistics Manager responsibilities include organizing and monitoring storage and distribution of goods.

Join our Team

We also have a specialized professional team in following up with customers, especially after sales to gain their satisfaction continuously and to make sure that everything is on the right track.

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